about me

A Multi-Media Artist, I've been doing this ever since the Commodore Amiga 500 and even before that with an Atari 800XL. I started shooting my own short films when my uncle gave me his super 8mm film camera. Then attended film school at Columbia College of Art in Chicago. Like everyone else during that time, either you worked three jobs to support yourself and your education or you had mom and dad pay for it.


After just two years at Columbia College, I ran out of money and joined the Air Force. There I became a jet engine mechanic working on C-141 Star lifters, after my four years with the AF I was indoctrinated into Hollywood by way of interning at Red Car Music video where I put my skills from Columbia to good use.


I went on to be a freelance PA (production asst.) I was then able to break into the camera dept. As a loader than a 2nd ac and doing some first-ing on some low budget shoots. During this time I showed some 2D artwork to a friend of mine who was doing 3D and I was hooked, soon after I got a job with him and have been doing this ever since.


In my spare time I am a combat videographer with 4th Combat Camera, where I deploy and document missions world wide even as far as Iraq.